5-WORDS is a tool designed to be a unique interactive feature for presenters and researchers, an application to conduct qualitative opinion mapping even on a large scale.

Who is it for?


Speakers & Event organizers

Engage and involve your audience by changing traditional one way communication into a dialog. Learn what they think in a meaningful way, find hidden details, and display the results with stunning visuals!


Educators & Trainers

Improve learning retention rates, and gain valuable insight from your audience to help drive your initiatives. Your crowd may surprise you with their intelligence, and you will surprise them with an easy tool to participate.


Corporate workshop organizers

Understand what your colleagues really think, ask them in an email or at the Xmas party, feedback or react immediately.


Opinion and market researchers

Get insight knowledge what your customers or testers may think or feel about your product or idea in an easy and fun way with meaningful results.

How it works?

Give the audience a custom website link to see your question. No app is needed but integration is possible.

Audience answers your question by easily typing 5 words in one interface. Only a minute but deep complexity.

Our smart algorithm and AI correct and analyze all input. No worries about typos, caps lock, synonyms, we take care of those.

On-stage slides or follow-up emails we provide stunning visuals: you choose.

Customizable outputs

About us

Voting or rating services are simply not accurate and good enough to understand or map the perception of an audience. We need something more and better. As innovators, curators, long time TEDx and workshop organizers around the globe, we teamed up to find a better solution. 

5-WORDS brings two worlds together: quantitative and qualitative. Some call it a mind hack for meaning mining. We activate deep thought within short period of time. All based on a never tiring language genius aka AI.

Using 5-WORDS is intuitive and simple: You ask a question, gather 5 words from each member of the audience, then we analyze, synthesize and generate meaningful opinion maps of how your audience thinks and feels about a given topic.

Only better understanding each other and ourselves can lead to more meaningful, honest and constructive conversations we need in our world.

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