5-WORDS is a unique tool designed for interactive engagement with your audience. Presenters and researchers can use this application to simplify qualitative opinion mapping, even on a large scale.

Who It's For


Speakers & Event organizers

Engage and involve your audience by transforming traditional one-way communication into a meaningful dialogue. Learn what your viewers think and feel, find hidden details, and display the results with stunning, customizable visuals.


Educators & Trainers

Improve learning retention rates and gain valuable insight from your audience to help drive your initiatives. Your crowd may surprise you with their perceptions, and you are sure to surprise them with the speed and simplicity of this participation tool.


Corporate workshop organizers

Learn what your employees and peers really think with this intuitive survey solution. Whether you want organizational data or simply to get to know them better, you will find information and insights quickly.


Opinion and market researchers

Gain essential knowledge about what your customers or survey group think about your products and ideas with a fun, easy tool that provides meaningful results.

How It Works

Share your unique link with the audience so they can access your question anywhere, anytime. No app is required, but integration is possible.

Audience can answer instantly with 5 words or phrases through our intuitive user interface. 5-WORDS simplifies complex data into visually appealing slides.

Our smart algorithm automatically corrects and analyzes all input, saving you hours of labor. You can explore the raw data and add your own rules, as well!

Once your survey is complete, you can easily customize and download stunning, presentation-ready slides to share with your audience on stage or screen.

Customizable Outputs

About Us

Voting or rating services are simply not as good as they should be in this era of rapid technological advancement. Readily accessible tools lack either the simplicity to achieve mass results, or the accuracy and sophistication to provide a meaningful map of audience perception without excessive extra work. We need something better, and we need it now.

As a team of innovators, curators, and long-time TEDx and workshop organizers, we decided to create a better solution. 5-WORDS brings two worlds together: quantitative and qualitative. Some call it a mind hack for meaning mining. We activate deep thought within a short time, and our tool parses this data based on a never-tiring language genius: AI.

Using 5-WORDS is intuitive, simple, and fun. Our goal is to help you find important data with less effort. You only need to design a question and gather 5 words or phrases from each audience member. Our tool then instantly analyzes, synthesizes and generates meaningful opinion maps to reveal what your audience thinks and feels about the topic at hand.

Only better understanding each other and ourselves will lead to the more meaningful, honest and constructive conversations we need in our world.

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