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Our Story

5-WORDS was founded in 2019 by a group of innovators, curators, and event organizers on a mission to create a better survey solution.

The philosophy behind 5-WORDS comes from a renowned Hungarian professor who, shocked by his students’ poor results on an evolution exam, decided to explore why they didn't know what he expected them to know, and what they did know instead. He designed a survey to get to the bottom of this through word association, and thus, the first version of the 5 word survey was born.


The promise of the format was immediately clear. He learned how his students understood the concepts, both collectively and individually, and specific areas of knowledge and oversight became apparent. The survey also revealed unexpected hidden insights, such as differences in understanding between separate groups of students. This simple tool offered him a way to quickly identify key information about his approach.

Our tool is based upon this concept, upgraded for the technological age. 5-WORDS utilizes the simplicity and functionality of the professor's initial survey but applies AI and automation to reduce the manual work involved in calculating results. 5-WORDS makes this format widely accessible, expanding its possibilities and enabling you to calculate immense pools of knowledge. It started with a seed of academic ingenuity and is growing into something powerful.


Why 5 words?

European languages are structured in such a way that most people can store up to 5 items in their short term memories. The 5-WORDS survey capitalizes that by inviting automatic, top-level answers before encouraging the respondent to reach a little deeper to uncover unexpected results. The first 1-2 words come easily, drawing upon their recent experiences. The last few words require greater thought, revealing more interesting insights about what they know, think, and feel about the topic.

Five is the sweet spot: it taps into that deeper thought without presenting too much struggle to collect valid results. If the survey were shorter, results would likely be superficial and obvious. If it were longer, you would likely find your audience losing focus, and your data would become less cohesive. In short, 5-WORDS helps you find the most important information without sacrificing clarity or depth.

Our Team


Pál Honti
Pál is a tech entrepreneur, data lover, and gamer who has been at the helm of technology and science for TEDxDanubia for the past 8 years.


Zsófia Hornyai
 Zsófi has worked in higher education institutions, and the travel industry before joining 5-WORDS. She lived in Berlin where she studied political philosophy and remains passionate about languages and open discourse.


Csaba Mányai
Csaba is a sought after concept designer, coach, strategist, networker and curator of global events, who founded and has been the curator of TEDxDanubia. 


Roland Mányai
Roland is an innovator and doer who is passionate about tech entrepreneurship and business development. When he is not working on TEDxDanubia or such new ideas, he is running a revolutionary VR startup in San Francisco and Budapest.


Ferenc Pohly
Ferenc is a product specialist, digital coach and media founder. He is an AI believer who consults in digital product strategy and development when he is not building his business.



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