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TEDSummit is a unique gathering of the most engaged and active members of the TED community around the globe. Occurring every few years in different locations around the world, TEDSummit focuses on brainstorming, knowledge sharing, and active dialogue to push the needle forward.

The Story

in 2019, TEDSummit wanted to gather even more knowledge from their community of enthusiastic participants. They partnered with 5-WORDS to introduce an intuitive survey solution that every attendee could easily engage between sessions.

TEDSummit posted three different 5-WORDS surveys on screens between sessions to collect insights and audience perceptions in a digestible format. At the end of the summit, they had enough new data to present their findings on-stage in the closing keynote. By working with 5-WORDS, TEDSummit was able to collect enough data to shape its focus for the next few years - and it only took a few minutes!


Intelligence Squared is a leading forum for on-the-pulse debates and discussions led by global experts on a variety of topics. Their goal is to promote awareness and enable conversation across borders, demographics, and party lines, and they frequently host the world's greatest minds and orators.

The Story

IntelligenceSquared used 5-WORDS to involve the audience in a highly provocative debate and gather their collective thoughts to help the proponents create their arguments. The debate? Whether liberals hold the moral high ground. 

Moderators were not only able to discover critical differences between demographics trends on the issue, they were also able to find key similarities and thematic consistencies across party lines. This hidden information enabled them to ground their argument in shared beliefs and promote a more productive conversation on an otherwise polarizing issue.


Leopoly is a tool for 3D technologies such as 3D printing and scanning, AR/VR, and digital landscape creation. They aim to provide tools both for professionals and everyday hobbyists. They make it quick and easy to utilize 3D and VR for brands, designers, developers, students, and consumers alike.

The Story

Leopoly is a fast-growing startup that has been searching for ways to maintain their culture and engage their team throughout the scaling process. As startups become scale-ups, "growing pains" are a very real facet that can make or break a fledgling company, and Leopoly knew they had to find a method to give and receive feedback to their employees in a fun and engaging way. They introduced 5-WORDS to improve their team-building exercises and gain a better understanding of the organization.

They used 5-WORDS surveys to ask their employees pressing questions before the team building and integrated their answers into every session day-of. This allowed them both to be prepared for the event and to take action after it, ultimately improving their company culture and improving their employee engagement and productivity.


TEDxDanubia is the first independently organized official conference in Hungary. It is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading and is under the umbrella of the international TED events. It produces excellent events focused on innovative, exciting, and inspiring thinkers and doers who gather to share their ideas with each other and the audience.

The Story

TEDxDanubia is a growing conference in Central Europe that is dedicated to understanding and serving their audience. They implemented 5-WORDS surveys to connect with viewers and identify how the audience felt about their event overall.

The 5-WORDS tool was able to provide three essential purposes for TEDxDanubia.

Engagement They used general surveys to engage their audience throughout the conference. Through doing so, they got actionable feedback and have implemented new approaches to improve upon an already successful event. 

Feedback They created specific surveys about their fledgling brand to understand how their audience perceived them. They were able to use this knowledge to better position themselves to future viewers, grow their brand, and gain new exposure.

Re-Engagement They re-engaged their audience by sharing post-event data and results with their audience, which allowed them to both create long-term value for the audience and keep in touch with viewers.



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